I struggled with chronic IBS for over five years. Countless Doctors, operations, expensive prescriptions, nothing worked. After working with Farrah for only three weeks my symptoms began to “flush” away. Her deep dive approach is second to none. Added bonuses: I am sleeping better, no longer suffer from frequent migraines, and am now happily working with her on weight issues. She is judgment free, a wealth of knowledge and always available for my ridiculous questions. – Cyrena M.

I worked with Farrah for about 6 months while suffering with severe acid reflux symptoms.  I am thrilled to say after changing my diet I was able to get back on track and feel healthy again! As we worked to change my diet- Farrah was always available to answer any questions I had and with all of my food sensitivities worked very hard to find foods and recipes  that would work for me. She helped me focus on repairing my gut in order to see results. I highly recommend working with Farrah as a nutritionist.  -Julie G.

I don’t know where to begin!  Farrah’s approach and understanding of how to tackle what the body needs to get rid of in order to feel better is amazing!  Her approach and attitude are a class act always making myself or classmates feel like they were normal and guiding them through the sugar detoxification so they could believe and feel the difference!  It was and is true magic for me! -Penny S.

Farrah is a true professional!  Not only is she a terrific educator, she is also a great coach.    Having her demystify healthy eating has been the key to my success. I took the Restart class in early ’16 and have had great results ever since.  I feel better and dropped some weight.  Several medications that I have/had been on for years have been greatly reduced or eliminated. Thank you Farrah for giving me the tools for a healthier life!  -Joe G.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have Farrah Minnich help me with my nutritional needs. I am nearing 60 years old postmenopausal and it’s hard to change the way you have been doing things for years. It was really step-by-step and gradual and I am so thankful for her knowledge and experience. It was well worth the time and effort for me to invest in this service. Her systematic approach really gave her a complete understanding of my specific needs.  But the most invaluable part for me was her availability 24/7. By text, email or phone. If I had a question about anything throughout the process she was within reach. So I have been now been healthier for 6 months now and feel so much better. – Lori W.

I attended Farrah’s RESTART Sugar Detox Group and learned so much in just 5 weeks! I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but I had many “aha” moments. I made new friends who keep in touch and encourage me with my healthy eating goals. Farrah remains supportive through recipes, her website and just being available to answer questions and listen. She is an incredible role model ~ just being in her house with all the delicious goodness in her kitchen makes you want more! Planning and prep have become my mantra, thanks to Farrah. I am reminded of Arnold Palmer’s words, “the road to success is always under construction.” Thank you, Farrah, for helping me and so many others! -Margret G.

I recently took Farrah’s Recharge class and didn’t know what to expect.  As someone who is not the healthiest eater, I was looking for some guidance and support to make some changes in not only my diet, but also my mindset.
Farrah was so helpful with me and knowledgable about different foods, both the good and the “not so good.”  I loved her recipes and have since incorporated many into my own cooking.  And I certainly have learned how much better I feel and more clearly I think when I eat well.   Not to mention how much more energy I have!
Thank you Farrah, I look forward to dropping in to some of your classes at The Well!  -Sara T.

Farrah is a gem!  I have taken her class and consulted her independently.  She really understands the busy mom lifestyle and her expertise in nutrition is superb.  If she needs to do research to be sure of something, she says so and gets back to you.  She really helped me to UNDERSTAND and embrace healthier eating choices.  She explains the science behind your body’s digestion and metabolic needs. She gives you hands on tips and tricks to prepare the foods you need.  She also helped me to balance my mid life hormone insanity.  I am forever grateful and know that I am healthier for her class.  It’s now been almost 9 months since the class and while I am not a poster child for weight loss, that was not my goal.  My goal was to be healthier to live healthier and to have more energy.  Thank you Farrah for helping me to reach these goals and to give me a path to return to when I stray!  If you are contemplating a class or session with Farrah stop.  Just do it!  You will be grateful and your loved ones will thank you too (eventually)!  -Julie S.

Farrah is amazing!  She had an unusual situation with my teen daughter as the goal was to gain weight.  Our regular endocronologist had suggested a diet high in foods like mac n cheese and ice cream daily.  No doubt this would have ensured weight gain but we weren’t comfortable with that approach.  Farrah was terrific in working with specific dietary restrictions  (at the time vegetarian) while still providing loads of options, recipes and suggestions.  It was very educational learning about the science of her diet – cells need fats etc to thrive and this can be achieved with really healthy foods!  Its also great to see the Food First FB posts to get ideas that she uses in her own kitchen – love this!   -Stephanie M.